Nowadays you can find good knives at every corner, but it is always difficult to find one that meets your personal taste. The solution is to participate in the creation process! In dialogue with Joris Timm, each project becomes an individual individual and collector’s item.

Joris Timm is a fresh and crisp young talent in craftsmanship. Since the very beginning, the artist and [WHOYOU] have been working together, thus stimulating each other and coming up with the sharpest product ideas. In a small workshop on a Kunsthof in Munich, Joris Timm has rented a joint workshop. Ambos, hammers and forging tongs are ready, a self-made forging furnace and grinding machines are part of the machine repertoire. He was born with a passion for craftsmanship and his parents are experienced goldsmiths.

Wood, design and the material of the blades as well as decorative elements can be individually selected. Your vision, combined with modern and traditional craft techniques, will transform the everyday object knife into your identity and beauty.


[WHO•YOU] featuring JORIS TIMM