We are proud of NosTeraFu! NosTeraFuTV is a group of friends consisting mainly of me (Robin), Kalle and Herodes who started making Youtube videos regularly in 2010. But we have been filming videos since 2006 from time to time. Today we have some (international) fame, mainly because of our “Prank” videos, where the most seen one is “Assassin’s Creed 4 in Real Life”. We prefer to make our “victims” laugh rather than scream and rather make ourselves a fool than them. Nevertheless it would be strong to earn money with our creative output, because we invest a lot of time, passion (,money) and energy for it. It would be supersweet to make a living from it, preferably for more than one, if not all of us, so that we could fully adjust to our channel to keep improving it as we go along.
Until then, a first goal would be that I, Robin, get at least halfway there.
Currently this is impossible with Youtube advertising revenue alone and our current call figures make product placements very unlikely.
Since it ensures a certain regularity and on top of that is transparent Patreon. We don’t have much more in return than to raise our video rate and promise to make the most of any support.
Nevertheless, we have at least a few incentives in the form of “rewards”.
If you have any wishes or ideas for more, please let us know. 
If we make T-shirts or something, this will surely be added here. Greetings and infinite THANKS!

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