Peter Becker is a video artist from the very beginning. Like many of his colleagues, he had already begun to explore the possibilities of electronic art in the 1980s and to communicate media art accordingly. Bomb means strong spraying, the artist states right at the beginning of his work. “My process can be described very briefly: I write and draw quickly, and nobody can read it”. What follows is a wild spray orgy: characters from the pop culture of the 1960s are mixed with their own inventions and process works to form a wall piece several square meters in size. The special thing about it is that it only really comes into its own when illuminated with black light. Not an easy task for the painter, because he has to paint blind, so to speak, and with a protective mask. “Moments of a new beginning” is how Peter Becker’s work could also be described. The eternally young man indulges in his world in the midst of countless sprays, which he sprays onto the paper in an increasingly orgiastic gesture, even smashes: sometimes from above, sometimes from below, the picture is turned, spray cans are “decapitated” so that they spray their contents in a few seconds. “I’m interested when something wild, spontaneous and uncontrolled becomes poetic, I can’t control it, but sometimes it happens all of a sudden, and then I’m happy,” the artist philosophises in a breather. “I definitely don’t want design! Not a cheap art, as one likes to say so beautifully”. “I don’t like art that immediately knows what to think. It makes me feel like I’m on commercial television. I’d rather stand on the edge of my knife and take the risk of falling down to one side or the other. For Peter Becker, working with video is not an artistic activity in the classical sense. Even as a painter, he has always been interested in motifs that lie beyond academic aesthetics, in so-called B-pictures. The filming, alienation and duplication of images as well as the presentation of the new videos created in this way in the club are shown and commented on by Peter Becker.

Biography: Born in 1958, studied art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Art teacher in Munich, Augsburg, Ingolstadt. 1992-1995 Lecturer at the Summer Academy Neuburg and artistic assistant at the Art Academy Munich. Since 1995 lecturer for painting and video at the Institute for Art Education in the Department of Art Sciences at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.



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