Tobias Kustermann has been working with renewable raw materials since childhood out of love for wood and craftsmanship. The bond came from growing up in an agricultural business.

Some build tables, others windows, he has decided to create jewellery across the board. He is currently training as a carpenter in a small individual furniture joinery.

The fact that he makes music has a great influence on his output as a craftsman. He met [WHOYOU] on the train to Kempten. A crew of young creatives who had taken up a compartment for Halloween attracted attention. Steve Lake from ECM Records sat next to us on the train, irritated by the volume but also delighted by the composure. To break the ice we had a beer. During the toast Tobi and [WHOYOU] got into conversation, after a few words it was clear: Let’s work together!

What else is there to say, he is young and wild, is musically on the road with different bands and comes from the beautiful Unterallgäu. We are looking forward to his other unique pieces, handmade or like the modern carpenter 4.0 with computer-aided technology.